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Welcome to our website. We are Green Hills Construction, your local leading manufacturer of components for all industries associated with transportantion, logistics and construction. If you are looking for the best supplies, here is where you will find them. We have the widest catalogue of parts suitable for all the manufacturing industry, in one place. 

We have made big investments in our infrastructure since 2014 and now we have a high tech, cost-effective and modernized factory campus with the latest in machinery and productive processes. For this reason, we can manufacture the best quality components in a very cost-effective way, which means that you will get the best parts for your own productive process at a very accessible price. You can either maximize your margins or offer a super competitive price to your clients. Or both!

As a leading company in the component sector, aiming to meet the highest standards and become a top supplier for both national and international clients, we have made a commitment to ourselves and all our customers. We work hard every day to follow this commitment and offer only the best to all our clients.


Our compromise 




The first step is to work with only the best materials, tested under strict conditions in order to make sure that they are solid and maleable enough for their purpose. After that, we keep a close eye on all stances of our process, from design to the final manufacturing. We keep ourselves updated with the latest productive techniques and the findings in quality research in order to ensure that only the best products come out of our factories. When you use Green Hills Constructions supplies, the quality of our components will help you offer your own products to the public in top quality. We want to be your solution, not your problem. For that reason, we make our best effort to meet all of your requirements and your delivery dates. When you work with us, you will never have to delay your production or have any technical problems because of our parts. We don't want you to have any extra concerns about the image that your company will have with your own clients. When you work with Green Hills Construction, you can expect only the most timely delivery, the best components and an unmatchable support to your own productive process. Don't worry about us. We will always be there. We understand that the best products and parts are more expensive than poor quality ones, but the fact that we offer the best quality you can find doesn't mean that we want to keep our prices so hight that you will have problems affording our components. We have modernized our machinery and our facilities so we work in highly cost-effective programs, with little to no energy or material waste and an intelligent use of our time and our resources. For this reason, we keep our production costs low without resigning our quality. When you work with Green Hills Construction, you can expect top quality affordable components!

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" "Our partnership with Green Hills Construction was one of our best decisions. We trust in the quality of their components as well as their delivery dates. They are very responsible and never miss a request." "
Charles Martinez
Stone Tower Construction

" "Green Hills Construction is our best supplier. Since they have such a wide variety of parts they offer, we practically don't need to work with anyone else. They always have stock and they deliver in time. So far, we have never had any problem with them." "
Walter Jordan
Roadrunner Lorries & Trucks

" "Green Hills Construction is the only provider in our area to comply with the tightest safety regulations, which is fundamental for us to offer the safest supplies for the transportation industry. This is the only supplier good enough for our standards." "
Gina Fowes
Belerophonte Ratchet Straps

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