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The Green Hills Construction quality compromise

As passionate, long-time workers of the construction and logistics area, all of us at Green Hills Construction make a compromise as a company and as a family. Our commitment to you and all our customers is to provide the best quality supplies for your own productive activities. Parts manufactured here are the best they can be, and for a good number of reasons. We run our operations on modern plants with the latest technology in component design, production processes and evaluation techniques.

All our productive processes are controlled by high tech software, so you can expert detailed calibration and exquisite perfection in our products. Our staff also receives constant training and evaluations, so we make sure that we remain the regional leading manufacturer. Safety componenets are heavily controlled and evaluated so there isn't a single mistake, not the least weakness in our pieces. All fine, well crafted, strong and reliable components for your productive processes or activities.

For this reason, when you use our products, you can be confident that you will receive safety certifications and badges if you apply for them. Green Hills Construction components are by your side, and they will always be.

Our disclosure policies

As part of our compromise to provide the best components and to do all in our hands so you can be sure to purchase only the most reliable and useful pieces for your business, we have also made a disclosure compromise to all our clients. For that reason, in this public access article, we would like to tell you which suppliers we work with and under which guidelines we conduct our fabrication processes. When you read our disclosure, you will know for sure that the products of Green Hills Construction meet even the highest requisites and the most severe quality standards. When you buy from Green Hills Construction, you get the best of the best.

We wouldn't be able to provide top quality products to all our clients and feel comfortable with responding for it if we had the slightest doubt about the quality of our supplies. Even with the best productive techniques, the most competent staff and the most reliable machinery, poor quality supplies in our Building Component Library might ruin all our effort and our dedication.

For that reason, we have conducted an exhaustive research on the market and tested many suppliers under strict quality standards. After a while, we found what we consider to be the best supplier in the area. So far, they haven't let us down and they have always responded to all our requests. They are an example of quality, compromise and passion for what they do. We have similar values and the same determination to offer only the best, so we are perfect partners. For over 7 years they have been our main supplier, and a great deal of the quality and affordability of our products we owe to them.

Our top supplier

The vast majority of the components we use to manufacture our pieces come from GT Factors, a Kent based leading manufacturer of load restraint equipment and its parts. GTF is one of the most reliable and safe suppliers in the United Kingdom, and so far our experience with them has been spotless. They provide all major parts for our products, so when you buy from Green Hills Construction, you are backed up by the 25 years of experience of this family business.

All GTF supplies meet the highest quality standard tests, including but not limited to, relevant En12192-2 standard for straps and En1492-1 2000 for lifting slings. They have their own in-house certified testing equipment, so we know that when we receive our order from them, it's already quality approved and ready to use. Upon request, they can even manufacture custom parts with company logos or other tailored designs for us to produce your final order.

With the top regional supplier heading our components list and the highest compromise on our part, you can rest assure that all pieces bought from Green Hills Construction will meet your requirements, however strict they might be. When you work with us, you find top quality, affordable prices and the best customer support. We also offer custom items, so if you want some special pieces or labeled straps then contact us and we will make it happen. Let go of all concerns and let us be the solution, not the problem. With the backup of GT Factors, Green Hills Construction will be you best choice when buying cargo restraint parts. 

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" "Our partnership with Green Hills Construction was one of our best decisions. We trust in the quality of their components as well as their delivery dates. They are very responsible and never miss a request." "
Charles Martinez
Stone Tower Construction

" "Green Hills Construction is our best supplier. Since they have such a wide variety of parts they offer, we practically don't need to work with anyone else. They always have stock and they deliver in time. So far, we have never had any problem with them." "
Walter Jordan
Roadrunner Lorries & Trucks

" "Green Hills Construction is the only provider in our area to comply with the tightest safety regulations, which is fundamental for us to offer the safest supplies for the transportation industry. This is the only supplier good enough for our standards." "
Gina Fowes
Belerophonte Ratchet Straps

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