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The Green Hills Construction quality compromise

As passionate, long-time workers of the construction and logistics area, all of us at Green Hills Construction make a compromise as a company and as a family. Our commitment to you and all our customers is to provide the best quality supplies for your own productive activities. Parts manufactured here are the best they can be, and for a good number of reasons. We run our operations on modern plants with the latest technology in component design, production processes and evaluation techniques.

All our productive processes are controlled by high tech software, so you can expert detailed calibration and exquisite perfection in our products. Our staff also receives constant training and evaluations, so we make sure that we remain the regional leading manufacturer. Safety componenets are heavily controlled and evaluated so there isn't a single mistake, not the least weakness in our pieces. All fine, well crafted, strong and reliable components for your productive processes or activities. Read More...

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" "Our partnership with Green Hills Construction was one of our best decisions. We trust in the quality of their components as well as their delivery dates. They are very responsible and never miss a request." "
Charles Martinez
Stone Tower Construction

" "Green Hills Construction is our best supplier. Since they have such a wide variety of parts they offer, we practically don't need to work with anyone else. They always have stock and they deliver in time. So far, we have never had any problem with them." "
Walter Jordan
Roadrunner Lorries & Trucks

" "Green Hills Construction is the only provider in our area to comply with the tightest safety regulations, which is fundamental for us to offer the safest supplies for the transportation industry. This is the only supplier good enough for our standards." "
Gina Fowes
Belerophonte Ratchet Straps

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